High-Tech Bathroom Suites

High-Tech Bathroom Suites

High-Tech Bathroom Suites

Futuristic visions of “smarthomes” might be common in movies from decades past, but today, more and more homeowners are bringing the future into the current age by turning standard house features into high-tech, stand-out additions. The options are endless for adding luxury, entertainment, and environmentally conscious features to this all-important room of the house.

###Vanity The vanity is one of the most important features of any bathroom, which makes it the perfect place to start with a high-tech upgrade! When you want to improve the functionality, style, and eco-friendliness in your bath, start by improving the following aspects of your bathroom vanity:

*Mirrors: From backlit heated mirrors that give you more accurate lighting and steam-free convenience to Bluetooth-equipped mirrors that play music and have motion-activated heater systems, top manufacturers offer products designed for convenience in the modern age. *Sinks: When choosing a sink for the bathroom, you need it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern sinks feature eco-friendly water consumption with infrared sensors that help limit the amount of water wasted in the bathroom. You can even get a hands-free soap dispenser to help prevent the spread of germs in the house! *Cabinets: There are many different options out there for bathroom cabinets, but some of the most high-tech options now available include features like refrigerated compartments for cosmetics and medication, LED lighting, USB charging plugs, and more.

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###Showers Showers play an essential role in most people?s daily routine but having a high-tech system can do wonders for making your morning shower the highlight of your entire day. With moderninnovation hitting the marketplace, showers can be enhanced with high-techoptions that include:

*Shower Heads: From LED colored lighting to the tracking of how many gallons of water you?re using in real time, there are shower heads out there to add both spa-like appeal and impressive functionality to your bathroom. *LED Lighting: There are few things more relaxing than a warm shower in a beautiful shower system, and you can improve your experience by incorporating LED lighting for chromatherapy that takes your bath to the next level. *Remote Control Operation: With a high-tech shower, you can turn on your shower every morning from the comfort of your own bed, pre-set programming for the perfect temperature and water pressure, and even get a notification when your shower is ready for you! *Bath Music: Everyone is guilty of singing in the shower now and then, and with options like the Kohler Moxie, you can stream audio via Bluetooth from any device, and the portable magnetized speaker means that you can then take your music outside the shower once you’re done.

###BathTub Is there anything better than soaking in the warmth and comfort of a bath? Now you can take the experience up a notch by upgrading your bathtub with features that include:

*TV Viewing: Now you don’t have to miss your favorite show when you want to soak in a long, hot bath! With waterproof bathroom televisions now available on the market, you can flip channels while you bathe and enjoy the convenience of a floating remote and sleek TV design that disappears back into the wall. *Heated Surfaces: Soaking in the bathtub is always a relaxing experience? as long as your water stays warm! Instead of constantly adding water to reheat your bath, upgrade to a bathtub with a built-in thermostat and heated surfaces that always maintain the ideal temperature. *Spa-Like Additions: Like the options available for sleek, modern showers, you can also add mood lighting, music, and more to make your home’s bathtub the perfect escape from the stress of daily life.

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