5 Ways Technology Is Impacting The Furniture Industry

5 Ways Technology Is Impacting The Furniture Industry

5 Ways Technology Is Impacting The Furniture Industry

Technology is constantly shaping how everyday life experience and meanings for everyone and the furniture industry is not left out.

###Design Modelling New computer software tools for making digital models will make it possible for better designs in terms of aesthetics meaning that newer designs that will make the market will have better looks. Also the availability of tools to make models means that more people including enthusiast can now create furniture designs.

Improvements in material designs also imply that limitation of material requirement would be out of the way sooner. AI, artificial intelligence also plays massive role in terms of the search for better material.

###Ergonomics Ergonomics can be defined as a science that deals with how things are made so that humans can interact with such things efficiently and safely. This is interesting because, it opens new room in innovation such that technological tools and gadgets are improved or new ones made to enhance the safety of humans.

Already, various furniture are available that promise better ergonomic experiences in our day to day use of essential items. An example is a piece of furniture that can be adjusted to hold laptops or screens at an optimal eye level above the table top.

###Marketing Channel with VR, AR and AI Three main technological applications; virtual reality, VR, augmented reality, AR and Artificial Intelligence, (AI), bears significant impacts on the changing ways that furniture gets to the final consumer.

AR and VR provide brilliant ways for sales of furniture in ways that were not possible before. Companies that use these tools are getting more corporate clients to acquire their furniture.

With AI, it is possible to learn more about customers in new ways, thus, shaping the product requirements as well. On the other hand, it can help prospective buyers in the discovery of furniture makers and new ecommerce space.

###IoT/How we use Furniture It would not be too long till it becomes normal for people to seek ways to control furniture with remotes or with mobile applications. The Internet of Things will certainly change how we use furniture and in turn, manufacturers will have to consider the coming trend in IoT.

Since 2010, there has been rising trend in ‘smart home’ designs, which is the idea that a small house can automatically hide some furniture, thereby creating more space. With Internet of things making it possible for more of our home utilities to be connected, it means that furniture makers that will survive by taking more market shares will have to enhance more connected and possibly automated furniture.

###3D Printing Machines and Complex Manufacturing Process Without a suitable workbench, it would be quite impractical to make some kinds of furniture. Nowadays, new manufacturing requirements are possible with more complex machines and platforms that are part of the process of furniture making.

In traditional 3D printing, some researchers had earlier found a way to make brilliant furniture from even soft wood. The manufacturing process of 3D Printing makes it possible to manufacture more elegant and complex designs directly from computer models. Other complex processes make it possible to bring out cooler looking products.

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